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by Weston Farmer

LOA 11 ft 5 in., beam 50.5 in.

Although she is easy to build, she will do a lot of things most prams won’t do. Designed to give low-cost thrills, she can handle a 10hp kicker.....;f you’ve got the stuff to go right along with her. With a little power, she’ll be 5 to 10 miles an hour, faster than most prams. She’ll build for lust about $50*

This cute little boat will be very easy to build because she is simply a shaped box. The transoms, frames and topsides are all straight work and only the forward bottom, or foreplane will require some sweat and savvy. Though she is simple she has a design basis that is as involved as an airplane, and I’m here to tell the world she’ll do a lot of things most prams won’t. She is designed to give low-cost thrills with an average service type 5 hp mill. She can handle a 71/2 hp job and with it will plane two people. For those who like their thrlils hairbreadth, she can handle a 10 hp kicker, but you’d better be young and agile and have nerve! Quicksilver will build for about $50 to $55, or a shade more, depending upon location. For this sum you’ll get a boat that will stow atop your car, which all small prams will do. With little power, she’ll be 5 to 10 miles an hour faster than most prams. Because of the step, she’ll balance with two people just like a plain fishing boat (most prams won’t do this) and if you want to install oarlocks and use oars, she’ll make a splendid fisherman’s rig. The drag of step under oars will not be noticeable. At anchor, because of high-steeved chine forward and buoyancy in the forward portion of the hull, she’ll ride drier than most prams. Because of their form, step hydroplanes have certain advantages of loading and trim when used in nonplaning or displacement condition. I have drawn the water lines on the outboard profile showing various load conditions. By placing a blank sheet of paper from line to mating line, you’ll see that her trim under various load conditions doesn’t change much.

* Those are 1955 dollars!--DNG

8 pages, 4 plate(s)

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