Chippewar--A Plywood Canoe

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by Weston Farmer

LOA 15 ft., Beam about 34 in., weight about 63 lbs in 5/16 in ply and about 76 lbs. in 14 in. ply.

Here is the first design ever published for a plywood canoe that has all of the real canoe size and shape.

In these plans you are looking at the first design ever published for a plywood canoe that has real canoe shape and size. Her name is Ckippewa, and she is carefully engineered to a fine grain for those canoe lovers who have the skill to do a nice bit of wood cutting. For some reason, canoe builders are rabid purists—heat, close work does not stump them, and they’ll agonize over every little fastening and refinement. Eighty per cent of all boat design lies in the art of sizing. This is most true of a canoe, because, like a fly rod, or a gun butt, or a golf club, the thing is almost worn, and slight differences in measurements become very noticeable. Chippewa, you’ll find, is sized just right. I’ve taken great pains to make her so. Although her construction will not trouble anyone who is competent with hand tools, I am presuming that she will not be your first boat and that you’ll understand the rudiments of laying down, fairing and, in general, setting up the moulds on which to build her.

8 pages, 5 plate(s)

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