Glouchester Fisherman's Dory

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The most universally used small boat for ocean work is without doubt the fisherman’s dory. At the same time, probably not one of these boats is built from plans, in the ordinary sense. They are built by men who were brought up in the business, who learned from experience—and the men who taught them as beginners—how to do the job. The true dory, as developed by the fishermen of the New England Coast, is ideally suited for her work, but she was developed in the boat yard by trial and error, not on the drafting board of a naval architect. Consequently it is not possible to give a complete set of lines for construction purposes—they don’t exist. The lines shown herewith were taken off a dory on a fishing schooner lying in South Brooklyn, where many of the New England boats put in. The scantling dimensions were taken from a dory at Fulton Market, New York.

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