Half-Pint--A small simplified sea sled

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A little plywood and a lawn-mower engine are all you need to build "Half Pint".

Plywood-preferably the waterproof kind, a small amount of miscellaneous stock and a tiny gasoline motor is all you need to make "Half Pint.” The original, capable of carrying three persons, was quite a sensation at Balboa bay, Calif., where even the old boat builders expressed genuine interest. Built in a garage, it was taken 50 miles for its first dip and has never developed a leak. This little sea sled can be easily carried on your car, and fishermen and tourists will find it ideal for use on remote lakes having no boating facilities. It is only 9 ft. long and so light that two boys can easily carry it. This boat is suitable for the use of any small gasoline engine of the lawon-mower type, air-cooled by a fan in the flywheel. The 1/2-hp. engine which was selected, is exceptionally satisfactory because the gas tank is in the base and as it is a self-contained unit throughout.

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