Cork-- A fishing Auto-Topper

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by Charles Jeliff

Out in Puget Sound country, some of the best fishing is on out-of-the-way lakes—can’t get to ‘em by car. So, you need a boat to pack in that is light. But you also need a boat that can ride out man-size salt water waves when it has to. "Cork" is the answer to both needs. A real fisherman’s boat, "Cork" has end seats just the right distance apart for two anglers to face each other (so one can see what the other is doing) and for one to help the other net a fish, untangle a plug that may have snagged a line, or quickly shift oars if a fish requires it. "Cork" handles so nicely because of her V-bottom (scow ends are identical). In fact, she’s a dream to row in either direction, from either seat. There’s plenty of buoyancy for three adults, and for one occupant the center seat is just right to row from, using either pair of oar locks.

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