Midge--A 7.5-Ft. Roped Dinghy

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by Sam Rabl

Any of the boats in this book are big enough to sport a tender of the type described here, and if they are anchored off shore this sort of boat is almost indispensable. It is of the simplest design possible, yet is very seaworthy and will carry three full grown persons if called upon to do so. The little tub will tow on any length of rope, is light enough to be taken aboard by one man—-on one occasion when almost swamped by a terrific rain "Midge" was emptied entirely of water from the stern of the parent boat. It will row with the greatest of ease and can turn on the proverbial dime, and its roped sheer will keep it from marring the high finish of any yacht’s topsides. The construction is the acme of simplicity. No frames are required, the seat acting as a brace amidship, and the two ends frame the rest of the boat. Two simple moulds are made as shown on the plans, and the bow and stern are made from any stock boards available.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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