How to Build Whisky--A Car Top Boat

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by Weston Farmer

If you were to average up all the good boats of car-top size you’d have Whisky. She’s light, and fast, and free running and will be especially good with nominal horsepowers. The cost of materials for her will run just about fifty dollars.

Whisky started life on my drawing board as Whiskaway. The affectionate diminutive, which is an American habit with names, soon shortened Whiskaway to Whisky. Let me tell you about her. She is 14 feet in over-all length, by 52-inch beam by 15 inches freeboard from chine to sheer amidships. This puts her right in the groove for average size among spitkit boats of her length. She is neither the largest nor the smallest. She fills a gap. Most of the 14-footers available as kits or in plan form are too large and heavy for car-top carrying. Whisky will nestle bottom up on your car-top carrier and will be a good traveler. When you reach your haunts she’ll be big enough to handle weather on any lake. She is built of plywood for relative ease of construction. Hence her lines follow what it is practical to do with plywood.

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