11 ft Camper's Boat

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This well-built craft is an ideal canvas-covered boat for camping, fishing and pleasure trips. It is 11 feet 2 inches long, just under 4 feet in beam, and weighs about 100 pounds. Although designed for two, it will carry four persons safely. Light in weight for its unusual carrying-capacity, the boat may be easily transported afloat or ashore. Two men can raise it on top of a car, or one man alone on a trailer. Speeds up to 35 miles an hour are attainable with a motor of 14 horsepower, while a sma1l motor of 2 horsepower will give good trolling and cruising speeds. Because of the modified V-bottom, it responds quickly and easily to oars, and is seaworthy and safe in rough or fast water. The canvas covering keeps the hull permanently watertight without bothersome swelling or leaking, even when it is left exposed to the sun and hot winds or is stored away for a time. The filler coat effectively seals the cloth, providing a smooth, frictionless and waterproof finish. A coat of paint each year will keep the hull in perfect condition. Tears in the fabric may be repaired by applying a piece of cloth coated with canvas cement.

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