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by Hal Kelly

This row-or-go plan features self-bailing bait bin for fishing forays.

No problem in building the "Alert". This 12-ft. pram is designed as the ideal two-man fishing boat, although she will safely carry six people. The front and rear seats cover watertight compartments for dry storage use. Under the center seat are two bait wells, which may be used to keep your catch in as well as the bait. They are self bailing, if you wish to drain out the water on the way back, lightening the load considerably. She is designed to get the most out of a small outboard, 5 to 10 H.P. motors being ideal. The original used a Mercury Mark 200 which is a little more power than one would need and snapped her along at over 30 M.P.H. She handles very easy with a pair of oars, sliding over the water quietly and easily. With her flat bottom she is almost tip proof, the perfect boat to cast from.

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