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by Robert M. Steward

This 13-foot 8-inch duck boat is perfect for the man who is both hunter and amateur boat builder.

Here is a duck boat,that is reasonably easy to build. The frames are made from the full-size sections developed affer the fore and aft lines have been laid down. The planking and decking thicknesses, 1/2 inch on the sides and 1/4 inch elsewhere, must be deducted from the sections in order to have the frames of correct size, because the lines for small boats are drawn to the outside of the planking. Bevels on the side and bottom frames are picked up from full-size lines and sawed or planed on the frame material edges. To keep weight at a minimum the frames, cockpit sides, the side frame and deck beam have been simply designed, each to be cut from a single piece. Intermediate bottom frames, between regular frames to support the floor boards, can be fitted after the bottom is planked.

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