Fold-Tite--A Portable Duck Boat

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by Weston Farmer

LOA 11' 0", BEAM 3' 6", WEIGHT 45 LBS, DRAUGHT 141/2".

"Fold-Tight" is presented in answer to numerous requests for a portable boat that could be carried right on a car. It is an excellent little job for duck hunters and can be strapped to the side or roof of an automobile. Because of its simplicity, it is less difficult to build than most boats. The parts lend themselves to easy home fabrication. The hull itself is just a heavy canvas bag, boat-shaped, that your local awning maker will sew up for you at moderate cost. If money is of prime importance, you could even do the canvas work yourself. Once you have built "Fold-Tight", you can collapse it, load it aboard your car, and take off for your favorite hunting spot. There the boat can be set up quickly for a day’s sport afloat.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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