Mallard--A 14-Ft Duck Boat

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Light enough for car-top carry, this 14-foot plywood duck boat will keep you dry on hunting trips and also make a good blind.

With a boat like "Mallard" that is especially designed for duck hunting, you’ll get more enjoyment from your gunning and maybe bag an extra bird or two. The boat described in this article is extremely light in weight, just under 100 lbs., so that it rides on top of your car instead of in a trailer behind it. For all this lightness, the boat is strong and rugged, thanks to the sturdy framing and the plywood construction. By using ordinary care in building and under normal service conditions, there shouldn’t be any leaks during the lifetime of the boat. And there’s no need to worry about spray coming aboard, the 11 inch freeboard will keep you bone dry and it is also low enough to permit using the boat as a blind when it’s pulled ashore. An added attraction of this design is that by using the alternate square stern construction shown on the plans, you can attach an outboard motor and use "Mallard" for your fishing or general sports use as well as for hunting.

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