Whale-Tail Hunting Boat

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by Hi Sibley


A novel method of propulsion enables this craft to glide silently through shallow as well as deep water with little effort. It is called Whale Tail because the fin operates in a horizontal plane. just as Moby Dick’s did. Cnstruction of the punt, or pram if you will, is more or less conventionaL All details of the propelling mechanism are illustrated: the fin, use stainless steel or other sheet metal thin enough to give a little but not so thin as to stay bent. Shaft A serves as steering post and shaft B as an operating link. Yokes on the ends can be picked up in an auto-parts yard. Note how the tubing for the pivoting bolts is welded or brazed to the fin. To dismantle the unit for transportation, unscrew pipe cap on bottom of Shaft A and loosen wing nuts on slotted pillow block. The punt then can be transported on the car’s top. All moving parts should be carefully fitted to prevent rattling.

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