Teal--A 10-Ft. All-Metal Duck Boat

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Here is a safe, speedy little sport boat that will handle nicely with any outboard motor of from 11/2 to 10 or more horespower. All metl construction makes it lastingly strong, easy to construct, light and unsinkable.

A block of wood for mounting the outboard motor is the only wood in this 128-pound unsinkable duck boat. It will carry two passengers plus fishing, hunting or camping equipment, and may be powered with practically any outboard motor available. Being of metal construction, the boat presents no shrinking and swelling problems, as is the case with wooden craft, so may be transported readily by trailer or car top and left out of the water as long as is necessary. If carefully built it will never leak. A bulkhead converts the entire front end into an air-tight buoyancy tank. Between that and the seat ample leg room is provided, with Celotex flooring. Galvanized sheet steel, of 24 gage weight is used for sides and bottom. Length overall is 10 feet 1 inch, with a beam of 38 inches. The seat is raised a maximum of 5 inches at the front edge. The space beneath may be used for tools, etc., and is reached through two round holes which ordinarily are covered by lifesaver seat pads. Behind the seat are two more sizeable flotation tanks with storage space between and ovex them. This space is reached through an opening in the deck haying a sliding metal hatch cover, which is shoved forward to install motor.

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