16 Ft Kayak

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Weight 35 lbs.

Carrying Capacity 3

Decked canoes of the kayak or Eskimo type are especially well adapted for cruising on open water and for use at points to which it is necessary to carry the canoe by automobile. That is because their strength and seaworthiness is out of all proportion to their extremely light construction. The kayak to be described is suited to open-water cruising for one man and outfit or for two men with light camping gear. Although designed primarily for use with the double blade, as are all kayaks, a skillful single-blade canoeist can send it flying with little effort. While the Eskimo covers his craft with skin and while his canoe is usually flat-bottomed, this canoe is canvas-covered and has a molded bottom, which makes it lighter and faster. It is 16 feet long, has a beam of 271/2 inches, and is 11 inches deep amidships. Ready to launch, it weighs about 35 pounds, yet it can carry up to 400 pounds.  With double-bladed paddles, the kayak can be driven at a 41/2-mile-an-hour clip all day and it can be sent over a half-mile course in four minutes, single-blade. It rides the water squarely and runs true, which many a factory canoe does not do.

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