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by David Jordan
Plan revisions by Edwin Monk

Here is an excellent plan for an 11ft. 3 in. plywood-skinned kayak

To the eskimo, a kayak is more than a boat. To him it’s more like an essential garment. When he’s laced into his whale bone and walrus-hide craft, he’s ready for anything in the way of weather, water or what-have-you. To most of us, however, a kayak is for venturing. It’s perfect for poking around uninhabited islands, exploring the bends of a lazy, winding river or just breaking the peaceful surface of a placid lake at sunset. Since whale bone and walrus-hide are rather hard to come by, this "Plyak” has been designed to give the pleasure of a kayak in a boat made from readily available materials. For anyone who has built a boat before, the Plyak should take about 40 man hours to complete. When launched, the Plyak will be an excellent “one-man” boat with possibly one child to “crew.”

6 pages, 2 plate(s)

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