Parosa--A 16-Ft. Plywood Kynoe

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by Sam Rabl

Every other boat in this book was designed with the thought in mind that its crew would probably be of the masculine gender, but this one had its beginning in a strictly feminine set of requirements. Three girls wanted a boat; their reasons were widely divergent, as would be expected. One wanted a boat that could be rowed so that she could reduce some of her excess avoirdupois. The other, so that she could paddle up the creek among the lily pads where romance seemed to abound. The third, a tomboy, wanted the thrill of sailing her own ship in a spanking breeze. As if these requirements were not enough to roll together into one boat, in addition it had to be light enough to handle by themselves in and out of the water, and with enough beam to be safe under a small amount of sail. The result was a cross between a kyack and a canoe and the word kynoe was coined to describe the hybrid. Waterproof plywood was the answer to the weight problem and made the boat so light that one girl alone could pull it up on the beach and two could carry it. The beam is generous enough to work a pair of oars and still not too wide to paddle. The addition of a small dagger board solves the problem of securing enough lateral resistance to sail, and in every part the construction has been simplified.

4 pages, 3 plate(s)

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