10-Ft. Geodetic Kayak, A

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by Norman Mayer

Something entirely new in kayak construction, the geodetic framework of this little craft gives an amazing strength-weight ratio. The absence of flat side panels elminates much of the lateral buffeting suffered by other less streamlined types in rough water. It's inexpensive to build.
Geodetic construction is not entirely a new idea, Britain's famed Wellington bombers are built by that principle. It has been known also as "basket weave." Through the use of it, however, any structure, properly designed, can be made stronger and lighter than other comparative types. The principle used consists of a number of light strips twisted around the length of a structure, fastened together wherever they cross, so the entire system resists any local loads or pressures which tend to distort it. This ten foot boat utilizes the "geodetic" principle, so that any one who builds one, will have a strong light craft, capable of weathering heavy seas, and one which can be paddled easily. The streamline design makes the boat easy to maneuver in cross winds and eliminates flat surfaces for waves to break against.

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