Build this Sailing Surfboard

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by Hi Sibley

Planing along close to the water on this sailing surfboard will give you the thrill of a lifetime

Here is a board that you can use for both surf riding and sailing. When the mast and rudder unit are removed the deck is absolutely clean. To remove the sailing gear is a matter of minutes. Just loosen the turnbuckle on the forestay, lift out the hook, tilt the mast back slightly, and take up the two side hooks. Next unscrew the bolt which serves as a pivot for the steering bar, and also the rudder post. A pin through the hub of one leeboard permits withdrawing the tube serving as pivot. All the gear can be stowed in small space. Even with leeboards and rudder in place, you can slide the board up on the beach without damage, as in the profile view, Fig. 1. Here also is the deck plan and dimensions of the sail. The sail is drawn taut by cords through grommets at peak and foot. Mast and boom slip into wide hems in the canvas.

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