Build a simple Sailing Surfboard

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by Winton P. McMillen

As graduates of St. Petersburg’s Optimist Club Pram Fleet, one of many small sailing schools in Florida, two 15-year-olds named Carol Nicholson and Louise Lenderman couldn’t stand the prospect of being beached for the summer. Though they’d passed the age where they had access to.the club’s sailing prams, they decided they were going to sail even if they had to build a craft of their own— and they did!  Looking for something “small and inexpensive, just in case we make mistakes,” the girls settled on a sailing surfboard 10 feet long and two feet wide with a maximum depth of six inches. Capable of supporting over 450 pounds, the board can be used for play in the surf or completely rigged for sail in a minute. Despite its size, it weighs only 35 pounds without sailing gear.

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