N.J. Seabright Skiff (Lines Only)

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Lines of Clinker-built Craft 18 ft. to 30 ft. overall

For landings on the open seacoast, such as the beaches of New Jersey or the southern shore of Long Island, the type known as the Seabright or New Jersey skiff was developed several years ago. The design was taken over by fishermen, and as is the case with many boats built for local use and with suitability for hard service as the main consideration, no real design was ever made. The lines shown here are not construction plans and cannot be used as such unless more work is put on them. They do, however, show the general contours of an especially seaworthy type that proved its usefulness under the hard conditions for which the boats were built. The lines were taken off an actual Seabright skiff by the late naval architect, Roger M. Haddock.

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