Hunter's Duck Boat

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Every man who takes his fun dropping speeding web-feet out of the autumn skies has at some time wished for an inexpensive, comfortable and easily transported duck boat. Here is that boat. Though it is big enough to accommodate three men and their equipment, and incorporates an unusual design, it can be built by any man having average skill with tools. Only ordinary materials are needed and the building need not take more than three working days. Completed, the boat weighs only 60 pounds and can be handled easily by one man whether ashore or afloat, and can be carried without undue strain on the top of a closed automobile. The unusual craft draws only an inch or so of water, depending upon the load, and can navigate shallow waters ordinarily impassable to any boat except a kayak,canoe or sneakbox. Its light weight permits it to be paddled with minimum labor. The waterproof covering is durable and tough and the necessity of repairs should be few, but, when a hidden snag or rock is struck, repairs can be made with canvas patches and airplane-wing dope.

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