12 ft Scow Sailboat

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(For Sail, Oar or Outboard Motor) Simple and inexpensive to build, this extremely fast scow-type sailboat recommends itself to sportsmen who wish a light, serviceable craft for lake, bay, river or other protected waterway. This particular boat is agile, and extremely fast. She points high, and responds quickly to the pressure of one finger on the tiller. Being close-hauled, she comes about in her own length. The usual sailboat is heavy, making it difficult to transport, but this type, weighing oniy 200 pounds complete, can be carried on top of an automobile or on a trailer. The spars are not hard to carry, and the sailing equipment, which is removable in a few minutes, is easily stowed. Without sails, the hull makes a satisfactory boat for hunting, fishing or general use, since it can be propelled by oars or outboard motor like a sneakbox. Sailing equipment is readily made from ordinary materials.

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