10' 9" Car-Top Boat

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(For Oars or Outboard Motor)
This useful all-round plywood boat is designed for the man who wants a portable, all-round utility boat for fishing and hunting or family use. It can be taken anywhere on top of the car and has the advantage of not requiring a trailer. There are, of course, no planking seams to open up in the hot sun. This boat may be used on any water, from small creeks or inaccessible lakes to larger, open bays. With an inexpensive commercial car-top rack of the suction-cup type, or a homemade rig similar to it, transportation of this lightweight boat is no problem at all. Or, if only short trips are to be made by automobile, the boat may be tied in place on the car roof, providing sufficient padding is used to prevent chafe. Inexpensive to build, this craft is a good utilit boat for use at a bathing beach. A small outboard, of from 1/2 to 3 h.p., will drive it efficiently; and because of its light construction, and V-bottom design, it is easy to row. As it can be carried by one man, it need never be left in the water.

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