13' 4" Beginner's Sailboat

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(For Sail or Oars)
For racing or sport sailing, our Marconi-rigged beginner’s sailboat is not only simple and inexpensive to construct, but easy to handle and speedy under a variety of conditions. The boat gives a superior performance in light winds, yet the hull will ride over waves that would usually swamp a craft of this size.  It has an overall length of 13 feet 4 inches, and a 5-foot beam. Despite the sturdiness of the hull for its size, it should have, completed, a weight of oniy about 250 pounds, which makes transportation on a trailer easy.  Fleets of half a dozen or even fewer of these boats, matched against each other, will offer keenly competitive, thrilling, close-finish racing.  The Marconi cat rig provides for a fair proportion of the sail high near the masthead, where it is most efficient. The use of a sail track facilitates the removal of the sail so that it may be stored easily when not being used. This is an advantage that contributes toward longer life for the sail.

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