Seajack--A 15' Knockabout Sailer

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By Julius Fanta and Christ Sommer

Here are plans and details for building Seajack, a snappy knockabout sailer that meets the demand for a sturdy, well-built craft for comfortable going. Fifteen feet long, Sea jack is a lot of boat for her size, and yet ideal for single-handed sailing. The five-foot beam makes for a commodious cockpit and the safe pleasure of five or six persons.  The cat-rigged, 97 square-foot sail handles easily. If desired, Seajack may be sloop-rigged with a total spread of 120 square feet; the difference being in the jib’s area.  The entire rig is inboard so that stability is at a maximum. Weighing between 450 and 500 pounds, depending on materials, this sailer is conveniently rowed in dead calms, and light enough to be transported by trailer. The rudder is removable so that an outboard motor may be attached to the transom.  Simple to build, Seajack should be no problem to the amateur.

12 pages, 4 plate(s)