Pirate--A 17 ft Cabin Sharpie

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by I. A. Emmett

This little shoal-draft sharpie not only combines the handiness of power with the pleasures of sail, but provides a roomy cabin for week-end and vacation cruising. An opening in the-after deck permits fastening a small outboard motor astern when the wind fails and the raising cabin top feature gives an unusually roomy cabin aboard so small a boat. Note how this latter works out: when sailing, the top or roof of the cabin nestles down on the low coaming to be out of the way and not spoil the boat’s appearance or ability. But, at anchor, the top is raised on its canvas gusset-like sides, and held up by struts, to give good headroom below. As a cabin is used but little while sailing or under power, room below does not matter; headroom is most welcome when the boat is anchored at night, or for meal

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