Icicle--A speedy 2-seat Ice Boat

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This smart front-steerer, an up-to-the-minute adaption of the 1937 Class C champion of the Northwestern Yachting Association, will appeal at once to the man who loves to build as well as sail his iceboat. A proven success, it carries 125 square feet of sail, is cat-rigged and has double fore and aft cockpits. The hull is streamlined aerodynamically for real speed. “Icicle” is 24 feet long and the runner plank spread of 16 feet provides a full 14 feet between cutting edges. The after end of the hull or backbone is swept upward to eliminate suction, which retards speed. The original sail area has been reduced slightly to increase iceworthiness in heavy weather but the rig recommended in the drawings makes 50 to 60 miles an hour speed possible in average winds.

6 pages, 4 plate(s)

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