How to Build Gannett- 1 and 2

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Among the hundreds of designs printed in the past in How To Build 20 Boats, one of the all-time favorites is "Gannet", which first appeared back in 1933 and is still going strong. For the benefit of the latest generation of amateur boatbuilders, here she is again. Her specifications have been modernized, but the simple beauty of her lines, as first laid down by that lovable and competent old-timer, Chaz Hall, are unchanged. If you want one of those “streamlined,” high-speed, over-powered, difficult-to-build creations that are loosely called boats nowadays, "Gannet" is not for you. But if you want a cruiser that’s sensibly planned for simple and straightforward construction, a boat that makes moderate speed with an engine that won’t keep you broke buying gasoline, then by all means consider "Gannet".

(Publisher's Note: We found a copy of the 1933 magazine and have included the original plans for Gannet in this booklet as well.)

48 pages, 7 plate(s)

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