Building a 22 ft Flying Dutchman

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by Gerald Taylor White

If "Flying Dutchman" were a new and untried type of boat, you would be entitled to look at her plans and remark, “She looks wonderful on paper, but it is all too good to be true.” For where else can you find a boat of this length that has a huge forecastle, an enclosed toilet room, a good galley, and two full-length berths, to say nothing of as much deck room as on the average 30-footer?  "Flying Dutchman" is the latest of the "Grey Dawn" designs. The basic hull lines were developed in Holland centuries ago and boats of this type have been used ever since in both the shoal waters of the Zuyder Zee and the vicious waters of the North Sea. The first of these Dutchmen to be designed in this country was "Grey Dawn" II. She was built over 20 years ago and is still afloat. During her two-score-and-more years she has cruised the East Coast from Maine to the Caribbean, and her owner would have sailed her across to Europe had it not been for the war. She is a 37-footer. Sccres of duplicates have been built and are now in service on both. coasts, the Gulf, and the Great Lakes.  Yachtsmen who saw the 37-footer wanted a smaller edition; so a 29-footer was designed. Again the boat out-performed all expectations. The next was a 22-footer, the prototype of "Flying Dutchman". In this, the most recent of the designs, the original lines have been kept without a single deviation—wise men do not gamble with perfection

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