Swordfish--A Racing IceBoat

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Plans and construction details for racers and non-racers who want to build their own ice craft.

After acquiring the knack of racing with a small iceboat, the average iceboater is ready for a larger and faster craft. With such a craft, he is equipped for an active racing schedule and perhaps for a share of triumph in races. To provide the ambitious racing skipper with a craft equal to his sailing and construction ability, the plans and details, for "Swordfish", a highly capable racing craft, are presented here. At the same time, "Swordfish" is suitable for joy-riding and ordinary sailing by non-racers also. "Swordfish" fills just such a bill, as the original won the Eastern and North American Class B championships. With 250 square feet of sail, "Swordfish" comes under the Class B classification of both the Eastern and Northwestern Ice Yachting Associations, and is qualified to compete in all races of clubs governed by these associations. Thirty feet long, this craft is a front-steerer, which is the spin-proof type. There are two cockpits, with the compartment for the helmsman aft and the sheet-tenders, forward. The breadth of the runnerplank, 20 feet, is ample for weather ability. Safeguards against up-sets are the noncapsizing buffers.

15 pages, 4 plate(s)

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