Tern--A 12 ft Scow

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by C.T. Allen

Many a “stink pot” addict will take a second look at. "Tern" because she planes in modest breezes, is easy to handle, and her streamlined prow and pod-shaped, “inland scow” type hull offer slight water resistance. Then too, there’s a charm about the tiller of a sailer that’s not matched by the wheel of a motor-powered boat. Part of it is the challenge of making the most of nature’s free-wheeling breezes. Even with her 72 sq. ft. of sail, "Tern" is remarkably stable, and packs as many as four persons  I have hauled "Tern" into three states, so I know she’s rugged and easy to launch. For thousands of inland lakes, "Tern" is the answer to sailing water sport. And she's remarkably easy to build. Common hand tools are all you really need, and I built mine while vactioning at a woods cabin.

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