Chum--A Flat-Bottom Rowboat

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by A. Mason

A 13-Ft. Flat-Bottom Rowboat
LOA 13' 2", BEAM 4' 5", DRAUGHT 16", WEIGHT 140 LBS.

It is probably unnecessary to point out that one of the most useful all-around boats is the ordinary, simple rowboat. If it’s properly designed, it is a real pleasure to row; and when you get tired of rowing, you can hgok one of the smaller outboards on the stern and sit back and enjoy yourself. Note those words, “if it’s properly designed.” There’s nothing more discouraging on a hot summer day than attempting to make progress in a beast of a boat that stops dead after every stroke. Chum can be easily rowed, even by the youngsters, and her construction has been simplified to the point where the veriest tyro with tools can slap her together in a professional manner.

7 pages, 2 plate(s)

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