19 ft Cruising Sailboat

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(For Outboard Auxiliary)

This cabin sailboat is ideally suited either for day sailing or for extended cruising over varied waterways. If you build this beautiful 19-foot craft—and it is fortunately quite easy to construct for a boat of its size—your vacation problems will be solved. The waterproof cabin offers a small but comfortable home for as long as you wish to stay afloat. It is a practical cruiser in every respect.  The design is exceptionally seaworthy, and the full 7-foot beam provides sufficient stability to withstand any sudden blow. The modern Marconi sloop rig and perfect balance assure, for both light and heavy winds, a combination of unusual speed and excellent handling qualities under sail.  A small outboard or inboard motor may be used as auxiliary power. Unless the motor is to be run a great part of the time, an outboard is preferred, as it will not cause any drag while the boat is under sail.  Two permanent bunks are provided in the cabin. On extended cruises a canvas cover can be erected over the cockpit, the boom being used as a ridgepole. This will make the cockpit serve as part of the cabin, and sleeping accommodations can then be arranged for one or two additional persons provided the cockpit seats are extended to form extra bunks. Largely because of the extensive use of waterproof plywood, the entire boat can be built to weigh as little as 700 pounds, or even considerably less if plywood is used for planking as well. The boat may be carried on a two-wheel trailer.

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