Buddy--An 18' Tabloid Auxiliary Cruiser

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Designed by S.S. Rabl as a sequel to his famous “Picaroon”

The subject of small cruising boats has always been one which is close to the hearts of those who love boats and the ways of the sea. Salt-water sailormen have had a champion in this Chesapeake Bay naval architect, Sam Rabl, for he understands the ways of boats. particularly small cruising boats, as few men do. He has been the champion of the Chesapeake Bay style of simplified construction, and has turned out a number of tabloid cruising boats which have made boat lovers’ mouths water. The most famous of his designs was little Picaoon, meaning Petty Pirate. Published in a boating contemporary of How to Build 20 Boats she was immensely popular. Her owner cruised her all along the Bay, and she was built in every port in the world--Paramaribo, New York, Singapore, New Orleans, Duluth-—everywhere. A later version named Peggy was designed, but she was too deep, and not as sweet as Pic. So in presenting the last ward in tabloid cruisers, it was learned that Sam was doing Pic over, mainly changing the cabin. Buddy is the result. She is as sweet a little hooker as we have seen, and we present her, a jewel among boats, as a delectation for those souls who crave
adventure in a stout ship of their own.

16 pages, 5 plate(s)

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