Tubby--A 12-ft. Sailing Scow

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by Sam Rabl

Here’s the water baby for you amateur boating fans who want to build and sail your own craft but find that the average job is beyond your means or your ability to construct. "Tubby” is a sailing scow that can be handled safely in any water fit for small boat sailing, white the construction is simplicity itself.

LOA 12', BEAM 4'.

With the recent successes we add to our series of easy to build craft another little packet in the same trend. We have received numerous letters and photos of the completed products from men and boys who had never before attempted the construction of a boat and without exception all of them are very creditable jobs. Numerous letters were received from timid souls who were afraid to tackle the construction of a craft of "Sunray’s" complexion; and as an answer to those letters we are presenting "Tubby", the ultra-simple little boat here shown. A cursory examination of the plans will show the simple scow construction with very few pieces requiring a bend (there are only two), and no complicated centerboard to bother with. The scow type may at a glance seem a boat unsuited for sailing but we only have to point out the Dutch craft famous for their sailing and their ability to set down on the hard at low tide. Tabby isn’t Dutch by any means, but follows a type of craft fast disappearing from the Chesapeake Bay which before the advent of the motor truck carried most of the building stone between Port Deposit and points on the bay. Most of them were large sloop rigged craft.

8 pages, 4 plate(s)

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