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by Cal Smith

For top speed thrills on ice build this 161/2 footer.

If you’ve never experienced the sensation of flashing over the ice at 40 mph, you’re really missing a thrill. Building "Frostfish" will put you into this exhilarating winter sport and you can do it for $100— less if you already own a sailing paddleboard, dinghy or canoe. "Frostfish" was designed to be quickly and easily built. Ordinary lumber and construction grade steel are used throughout and hardware store fittings are specified rather than more expensive marine hardware. The sail and spars are adapted from the Alcort Sailfish but lateen or Gunter canoe rigs and dinghy spars and sails of 40 to 65 square feet can be used. Completely portable, "Frostfish" can be taken apart or assembled in a few minutes. The body weighs 65 lbs., the runner plank is 40 lbs. and the rig is 15 lbs.—any of which can be handled by one adult. The total 120-lb. weight is easily carried on top of a car or station wagon. This is a fun craft, easy to sail and highly maneuverable. Carrying one adult or two youngsters, she’ll do 35 to 40 mph in 20 to 25 mph winds. And she’s safe. With the low lateen rig, she stays down on the ice where she belongs.

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