Iceboat Scoot, The

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The unique arrangement of the sail and rigging plan of "Scoot" will be apparent as soon as you begin construction of the parts. This special rigging is the secret of the extraordinary sailing qualities that make "Scoot" a top-flight performer

Featuring rudderless steering and a flat, shell-type hull, here’s a unique 15-ft. racing iceboat, the original of which dates back historically to early days when it was used in lifesaving work on New Jersey’s Great South Bay. Born of the necessity of being able to cross the bay even when it was only partly frozen, "Scoot", in addition to its high speed and extraordinary maneuverability, is noted for its ability to take to open water, if necessary, in hurdling large patches of broken ice. Speeds greater than 80 m.p.h., achieved with as many as four passengers, put "Scoot" in the racing class. As a result of its fourpoint runner suspension, its maneuverability is extremely flexible, permitting sharp turns without danger of capsizing or skidding. Steered by manipulating a large-size jib sail, "Scoot" can be held on an arrowstraight course or turned almost literally on a dime. As designed and built by Bill Harless, noted racing champion, this version of the scooter-type iceboat is the result of prolonged experimentation and development. The hook sail rig used is, in effect, a highperformance airfoil and, because of it, Scoot glides along effortlessly in the mildest breezes and really scoots past competition with a strong wind. The boat is moored by merely tipping it on edge with the sails flat on the ice. Except where modified to simplify construction, the plans presented here were taken directly from the actual boat. Original hardware, which was especially designed and cast in brass, has been replaced with less expensive fittings that can readily be improvised from common parts easily obtainable.

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