Sail Skimr--A 14 Ft Sailboard/Day Sailer

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by Donald H. Smith, N.A.

Well designed and easy to build; here is fun sailing at its best! This 14-ft. hull is surprisingly easy to plank since there are no twists anywhere.

Thre is a gap between what is generally called a sailboard and a full-fledged sail boat. "Sail Skimr" has been designed to bridge this gap and provide an easy-to-build, low-cost craft. Her 50” beam is generous for a boat of this type and there is plenty of freeboard which goes far in lifting "Sail Skimr" out of the sailboard class. Yet she is compact and sporty enough to give all the sailboard thrills without getting her crew so wet. The cockpit contributes greatly to crew comfort, allowing some place to put one’s legs and personal belongings. There is space under the decks to accommodate some limited equipment, if so desired, in addition to styrofoam flotation blocks. There are three simple rigs shown for this craft and there is also an option regarding choice of center or dagger board. The masthead or marconi rig is probably the best for those seeking speed while the lateen or gunter rigs are more suitable to portability and general handling. Sail area is modest, with an eye toward the novice sailor.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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