Manu--A 30 mph Planing Sailboat

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by William D. Jackson, Naval Architect

Have you ever sailed in a planing-type sailboat? If you haven’t you have a real thrill awaiting you. The difference between sailing a planing-type sailboat and the conventional displacement-type sailboat is about the same as chugging along in an outboard powered, displacement-type row boat as compared to breezing along in an outboard planing-type runabout. It’s a remarkable experience to actually feel the hull of a planing sailboat rise and go skimming across the surface of the water at 18 to 30 mph! That’s faster than the American Cup Defenders will do, which, of course, are long sleek displacement-type sailboats. "Manu’s" tremendous speed is due to (1) a new concept in design and construction of hull and sails and (2) a vastly different theory and technique of sailing than that used for sailing displacement sailboats.

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