Falcon--A trim Strudy 18 ft Inboard

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by Don B. Pederson

A Trim and Sturdy Inboard Runabout

Incorporating the latest developments in boat construction and eliminating many problems which usually confront the average, novice in boat building, “Falcon” is an all-around utilify runabout which can be transformed easily into a sleek cabin .cruiser if desired. The cost of building the original boat as a runabout was $125 at Newport Beach, Calif. The hull is adapted for use of almost any marine engine from 5 to 20 hp. Total depth .16 in., beam 66 in., draft 42 in., passengers 7 or 8 and speed 17 m.p.h. with a 20 hp. motor. The boat planes at 7 m.p.h.

68 pages

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