Build Her on a Sound Foundation

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/ If you want your boat to be a success, take just as much care in the setting up of roms as you do with the hull.

If you want your boat to be a success, take just as much care in the setting up of forms as you do with the hull construction itself.

Have you ever been a sidewalk superintendent? I mean, have you ever had enough leisure time so that you could stand around and watch the construction of a large building. It’s fun and educational, too. If you have ever witnessed the whole procedure from start to finish, you were probably greatly surprised at the amount of work that went into the project before any of the steel was erected and any building done above the ground level. In fact, before any of the excavation was even started, sample drillings were taken to find out what lay under the surface of the ground to support the building and a lot of calculations were made to determine the size and shape of the footings on which the proposed building would rest. Large buildings must rest on secure foundations or they will go out of shape and, in extreme cases, collapse altogether. Now, although your boat will ultimately have water for a foundation, supporting it uniformly under every square inch of the bottom, it is essential during its construction that the hull be erected on some sort of construction frame which will properly support it and maintain all the component parts in perfect alignment until the hull is completely planked. It is then fairly rigid and self-supporting and if it is then turned over and set in a cradle it will stand by itself without going out of shape. Such a construetion frame must not only be strong enough to support the entire weight of the boat, but must also be rigid enough to withstand the strains set up as the various structural members are forced into position.

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