Submarine in a Bottle, A

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by Bill North

Sure to stump your friends as to how it was done, this intriguing novelty makes a neverending conversation piece for your mantel.

You needn't be an accomplished modelmaker or a salty old fo’c’sle hand to put a submarine into a bottle. A sub shortcuts much of the labor associated with ship-model building; it’s noticeably short on leech lines, clew cringles, buntline fairleads and other gewgaws that delight the traditional windjammer buff. Nevertheless, it produces a handsome result—in as little as a weekend. Our sub-in-a-bottle is hull-deep in other practical advantages: It is impervious to dust, weather, overzealous admirers and almost any accident short of a fall on a hard floor. And like any ship-in-a-bottle, it poses that question so puzzling to the beholder and satisfying to the builder: “How on earth did you get it into the bottle?” Unlike the more typical bottle boat which is made from the waterline up, this model has a full hull. To give a submerged effect, it stands above the ocean floor on two clear-plastic legs; a green-tinted bottle adds to the illusion.

8 pages, 2 plate(s)

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