Building of the Essex, The

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Ralph D. Paine/The story of the building of the famous "Essex", the U.S. Privateer from Salem.

by Ralph D. Paine

Reprinted from "Ships and Sailors of Old Salem" by Ralph D. Paine

The history of the construction of this famous frigate. From the beginning of the chapter: "One hundred and ten years ago there was launched from a Salem shipyard a wooden sailing frigate called the "Essex." She was the fastest and handsomest vessel of the United States navy and a dozen years after she first flew the flag of her country she won immortal renown under Captain David Porter. There is hardly a full-rigged sailing ship afloat today as small as the "Essex," and in tonnage many modern three-masted coasting schooners can equal or surpass her. Yet her name is one of the most illustrious in the list of a navy which bears also those of the "Constitution," the "Hartford," the "Kearsarge" and the "Olympia."

28 pages

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