Casting a Lead Keel and Other Castings

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/ How to cast a lead keel and some other small parts.

(Includes plans for casting other smaller parts)

Lead has the advantage over other metals insofar as its use for keels is concerned in that it has greater weight for equivalent volume. Iron can be substituted for lead; the cost will be approximately the same, but the weight will be less. Iron weighs only 65 per cent as much as lead. Where the iron substitution is made it will be necessary to place the difference in weight as ballast inside. It has been generally conceded that the placing of ballast inside contributes greatly to the ease of the hull afloat; this would be especially the case in very rough water. If the design specifies the use of a lead keel, it had better be a lead keel and not iron or other ballast, as the weight has been figured and iron is too light. The lead must be cast and the builder or moulder should be warned at this time that it is a task of considerable magnitude.

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